Motorcycle Leasing

Motorcycle rent
If there was ever a good time take up motorcycle leasing/renting, now would be it.
It was the year 2018 November 8th, the cost of a Certificate of Entitlement, or other known as COE for CAT D (Motorcycles) was just $2,509 for a 10-year COE. Fast forward nearly 4 years later to 7 September 2022, COE now costs $11,301. A whopping 305.42% increase. 
Whether it still makes sense to own a motorcycle depends on your financial situation and usage. In the event that it no longer makes sense for you, you can always fall back on leasing or renting motorcycles. 
You can count on us to give you the best prices for motorcycle rentals in Singapore. We have a wide variety of class 2, 2A and 2B bike rentals for every use case for your needs and wants. We don’t boast the cheapest motorbike rental, but we ensure you will have the happiest experience renting from us.
We provide motorcycle rental for delivery and pick up at your location of choice at competitive prices. Forget the need to search “motorbike rental near me” when searching on Google!
If you are looking for lease to own motorcycles, feel free to contact us for an amazing quote! 
VIsit us now for motorbike rental at Sin Ming/Ang Mo Kio!
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