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Maintaining your motorcycle means you do much lesser and less costly repairs in the future. At 1 Matiin Motor Singapore, our team of experienced mechanics care and treat your bike as if it is theirs. We commit to our customers and all who return thus becoming part of our community

While you can maintain or perform basic servicing and maintenance of your bike with detailed how-to courses and videos on YouTube/TikTok, when it comes to major servicing like valve clearance and top/full overhauls of motorcycles, Matiin Motor’s top team of mechanics has you covered. Enjoy the quality of life and convenience of having a tip-top ride without doing the dirty work!

Regardless of whether you are riding a class 2, 2A, or 2B motorcycle. We can do your motorcycle servicing for you.

With over 30+ years of combined experience and knowledge, our team of mechanics is equipped with the relevant skills to provide you with an excellent motorcycle service job every single time. Our lead mechanic has over 20 years and does a thorough review of our team and their work on a daily basis. You can expect to leave our workshop with a feeling of peace knowing that your bike was serviced by us.

Types of Motorcycle Servicing We Do

Some of the motorcycle services we provide are:

  • Changing of engine oil
  • Changing of air/oil filter
  • Changing of spark plug(s)
  • Changing of brake pads/brake disk
  • Changing of motorcycle belt(for scooters)/chain/sprocket
  • ….. and more!

Regardless of servicing or repair of your motorcycles, we aim to be a one-stop motorcycle workshop where bikers can settle most if not all of your motorcycling needs in one place.

When To Change Brake Pads?

The most important motorcycle servicing you need to look out for are worn out or damaged brake pads. Riding with worn out brake pads can be very dangerous especially when you have to make an emergency brake. 

Depending on the brake pad material and your riding style, your brake pads may wear out at a different rate compared to your other riding kakis. Here are some signs that you have a worn out brake pad:

  • Squeaking or squeeling noise when braking
  • Lesser braking power
  • Vibrating or pulsing at handlebar when braking

What Are The Prices for Motorcycle Servicing?

Worried about high price or hidden costs? Fret not, our customer-friendly price start from as low as $15 for a basic engine oil change service.

Here at Matiin Motor, we believe in community first. As such, we focus on and seek to maintain affordable prices for our customers to ensure you save as much money as possible! (seeing how COE prices are so crazy in Singapore already)

Signs That Your Bike Needs an Overhaul

Here is a list of symptoms that bike owners face and the signs you may notice that tell you that your bike may need repair, top or complete engine overhaul:

  • Smoke coming from the bike engine
  • Louder than usual noise coming from the bike engine on the top-end or low-end
  • Gear jumping by itself or difficulty in engaging gear
  • etc.

In order to determine whether your bike needs a top or complete overhaul, we recommend you visit our workshop for our mechanic to diagnose and advise you regarding the necessary motorcycle repair accordingly.

Motorcycle Detailing Service

If you are looking to do a deep cleaning of your bike, we also offer bike detailing services, visit our Motorcycle Wash & Detailing page to find out more.

Recommended Motorcycle Engine Oil

We work with Penrite Oil to bring you the highest-performing engine oil that’ll give your motorcycle the servicing it needs to run better and longer in sunny Singapore

Our location is also conveniently located close to VICOM Sin Ming Singapore. Visit us at 1 Matiin Motor or book a servicing appointment today!

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